IIT Hyderabad Mtech R.A. Experience 2019

I got a call for RA on 24th July and Interview was scheduled on 29th July so once IIT’s starts calling for test you will not get time to study so keep revising notes as and when you get time.

Around 200+ people were called out of them around 15 showed up because by this time everyone did get some good institutes and only few were willing to take risk.

First, we were told to sit in one class room and orientation for RA projects started at around 9 followed by test on which you need to write your preference for interview. Projects was something related to blockchain, 5g testbed, 5g cloud and m2 smart technology (more of electronics and communication based).

Test was not an elimination round only for formality. Then Interview started where a panel of around 8-10 professors will judge you.

Prof: Introduce yourself.

Me: Told.

Prof: So, on what topic you want us to ask questions?

Me: Algorithms.

Prof: If there is k bit binary no. starting from 0 to n you need to increment every time by 1 so what will be the time complexity of the program.

Me: (I immediately told without thinking) O(n*k)

Prof: How can you explain?

Me: Then I think for a while and told its n.

Prof: How?

Me: I started deriving the pattern that last bit will be changed n times and second last will be n/2 and so on n + n/2 + n/4…. So, O(n) (then they were satisfied)

Prof: okay you choose your first as blockchain so have you ever written program on blockchain?

Me: (I was shocked because in the orientation they told its okay even if you don’t know technologies, we will teach you and no questions will be asked on that) I said no but tried explaining blockchain.

Prof: Your preference is also in 5g cloud system architecture so have you done any system architecture before?

Me: (again shocked) No

Prof: what is the longest program you’ve ever written in your life.

Me: I explained them about my btech project.

Prof: Okay you can go now.

I have met few people there and they told some have worked in blockchain and some in mobile computing as either their btech project or in company so maybe they were only taking experienced guys. Finally, list came out and 6 were selected and I was not on the list.

Important Note: Most of the RA in IIT’s will only take people who have some experience in technologies like I went to IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Hyderabad and I found same trend everywhere. Also do think twice before coming for RA in Hyderabad because they don’t provide accommodation for RA students. No Hostels were given and students are staying in nearby some village.


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