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IIT Hyderabad Interview Experience for M.Tech AI 2020

  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2021

Due to pandemic situation, interview was held online in 2020. The interview was scheduled in the morning and in my panel there were two professors. 

My interview went around 20 minutes. 

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Professor A – Questions: 

  1. Tell me about yourself. 
  2. Choose any one Machine Learning algorithm of your choice and explain it in detail. (Since I have done some online courses in ML, they asked on these concepts).A2- Explained about KNN algorithm. 
  3. What is overfitting and underfitting ?
  4. Explain about the hyperparameter tuning in KNN and how it affects overfitting and underfitting? 

Professor B – Questions: 

  1. What is eigen value? 
  2. Explain about principal component analysis.
  3. How will you choose the number of reduced dimensions in PCA?
  4. Given two numbers are co-prime and sum of those two numbers is 100. Find those two integers. 

Overall, my interview went good. I got selected at IIT-Hyderabad. It is not necessary that you need to prepare ML algorithms for MTech AI interview at IIT-H. You will have an edge if you know the concepts. If you are not aware of ML algorithms, the questions will be on topics of probability, linear algebra and statistics concepts. 

Hope this article helps you prepare for the interview. Thank you for reading ! 

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