IIT Guwahati M.tech Interview Experience

IIT GUWAHATI is considered among the oldest IIT after IIT DELHI. IIT GUWAHATI was established in 1994.
Selection is based upon the following factors such as:-
a)B. E./B. Tech Marks b) GATE score c) written test result d) interview e) other backgrounds
Shortlisted candidates will be called for a written test. Candidates clearing the written test will have to appear for interview.

Here how is my journey started:-
My father had a transferable job. He was transferred to Assam & from Delhi we shifted to Assam. There I completed my B. Tech degree.
I completed my B. Tech degree with 89.2%
I’m currently pursuing my degree in CSE at IIT GUWAHATI.
My GATE score was 780.

After that written test which consists of MCQ based on computer science and mathematics which I studied in B. Tech so it was simple for me to answer the questions.

I cleared the written test and I was told to wait outside and after 30 mins I was called inside for the further interview process. My heart was beating very fast at that point of time but anyhow I relaxed my mind. At interview panel there was 5-6 professors. They were vigorously asking me questions one by one.
Firstly they asked me to introduce yourself, and later on they asked me about my B. Tech college and my B. Tech post job experience (if any).

After that the actual conversation starts. Then the interviewers asked about my favorite subjects. I told them Data Structure, OOP & programming as my favorite subjects.
I answered all the questions related to Data Structures.
They told me to solve one problem related to programming. I solved the program.
Then afterwards they started to asking more difficult questions.
I answered almost all the questions in a confident way but I failed to answer some of the questions based on inheritances.

At last they asked one puzzled question i.e they asked me a situation based question and I answered it correctly.
Last but not the least the interview was concluded with a thank you by the professor.
I would say that it was wonderful experience in IIT. Finally I got selected and my joining date was 26th July 2017.
*Note:-* * Don’t be panic rather be calm in answering the questions.
* Don’t argue with the professors.
* Say if don’t know the answer.
* Always say the favorite subjects that you are pretty confident about otherwise they’ll ask you the questions and if you can’t say higher the chances will be of not selecting.

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