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IIT Delhi MS(R) CS Interview

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 24 Dec, 2014
Geek Week

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Master of Science(Research) Computer Science Interview Questions.

There was one written Test involves 4 questions all were easy if you have prepared for GATE or UGC NET.

1. The probability of getting a head in one toss of a coin is 1/3, if a coin is tossed six times what will the probability of getting at least 2 heads.

2. Plot y = log2(x+8)

3. Given two inputs a real number x, and a positive number n calculate x^n.Your algorithm must run in O(logn) time.

4. A complete tree is a tree in which every node has exactly two children. Prove that if a binary tree is a complete binary tree number of children’s will be exactly one more than the no. of internal nodes.

Interview :

Q1: You are working in industry why do you want to come back to studies ?

Q2: Do you think that the graph which you have plotted is correct ?
I answered No. He asked me to correct it. Later on he asked me to find the value of y at x= -7.5,7.75 and plot the graph for the same.

Q3: Are you sure your algo runs in O(logn).
I answered yes. He said what is Log(x) . Define Log(x).

Q4: If I divide array size by 3 what will the running time of Binary search.

Q5: How will you find if a graph is bipartite graph. I answered using BFT. He was not agreed. He asked me to define bipartite graph.

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