IIT Delhi M. Tech Admission Interview Experience

Getting admission in IIT Delhi is not an easy task.It took me 4 years to complete my B.Tech and then sit for GATE exam to qualify for M.Tech.I started my preparation in the second year of my college and the difficulty level in GATE exam is quite high and also only qualifying will not work until and unless you get a good reputed college.

After the commencement of my GATE exam finally the result was declared and I scored 77 out of 100 and I saw that my marks was quite good and also my rank so I searched for good colleges and finally I saw that with that marks I can apply in IIT Delhi.

Finally after applying there I was called for the interview and waited for around 2 hours in the que for my opportunity.

When my turn came I was quite nervous because I saw many of them getting rejected but still I have to go and went inside for interview carrying my documents .

The first professor asked me for my documents and I gave them but after seeing low marks in my board they asked me the reason and I have them the suitable answer but the main thing is that the eye contact which I was maintaining while answering them.

The second professor was the one who was asking me about myself and I represented myself and also told about my achievements not only to the professor who asked me but to the other professors too.

The professor who was a bit aged asked questions from my strong point and that was coding and I gave the answer but couldn’t not impress them as because I was a bit slow because of my nervousness. Then another problem was given to me and that one I solved within a fraction of second.

Finally they gave a positive reply of selection and I was selected.

The main thing is that never be nervous in an interview because getting nervous can cause a lot of trouble just like I faced while solving my first question of coding which was although easy but got nervous but after solving that I gained so confidence and easily solved the next one.

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