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IISc Bangalore Admission Experience for PhD

Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2023
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Questions asked were:

  • Ask me about my M.Tech Project.
  • Normally cross-checking grades of academics.
  • Then ask to choose probability or linear algebra. I answered for probability.
  • What you have learned in probability? I told distributions
  • According to you which distribution is easy?? I told Binomial
  • Explain binomial distribution. I told the definition and formula
  • Next, want me to explain more about the binomial distribution. I told about independent trails
  • What are independent events in terms of mathematic explain?
  • How do we get the formula of the binomial distribution?
  • Next, from Linear Algebra, ask what is A-1.
  • Next, They give a relation LA = I, AR =I, what is the relation between L & R.
  • Next, if IN above relation L = R = A-1  then how we can prove L and R is  A-1.

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