IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience

Getting into interview after crossing milestones of exams is really tough .I got around 90 percentage in my 10th and 12th board and 9CGPA in my college .I started the writing exam given on the based topics and I wrote on Capitalism and expressed my views and knowledge in pen and paper .After that I was called for the interview in IIM Kozhikode.

It was around 9:00am when I was waiting for my interview outside sitting holding my documents with me and finally after one hour I was called.

I was a bit nervous and finally went inside such that they cannot understand my nervousness.Then I was asked to sit and was asked to present my documents .They were quite impressed by seeing my marks and my field of interest including my achievements.

Finally after telling about myself they asked me a few questions based on my field of interest and some on general knowledge.

Lastly they asked me whether I can handle the pressure and I confidently gave a positive reply and asked me about how much salary I am expecting .I replied them around forty thousand to fifty thousand and they were quite impressed on my approach towards them . Finally they gave a positive reply that I am selected and was asked to join from next day .

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