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IIIT Hyderabad Interview Experience for MS in Computer Science 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2021
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Its online interview my panel number was 6, after waiting for the whole day I got a call at 5 pm to join through the link they have sent on mail… so I joined through MS Teams and after entering into the lobby I wait for around 5-10 minutes until my turn came.. suddenly screen change and 4 members in the panel. I greeted all. (P: Professor)

P1: 1st question was usual to tell me about yourself

Me: answered

P2: You are working from home and it’s your first job so how you are feeling and how was your day 1.

Me: answered like it’s interesting to do work from home as we got a lot of time and most of the time feels like we are not at the office.

P2: When u are expecting to be called.

Me: answered

(In starting most of the ques on my job only on my job role what you do like that)

P2: Okk… do you know about arbitrage.

Me: sorry sir…..(as I heard it the first time)

P2: We use this word for foreign exchange like converting one currency to another like USD to INR

Me: ok sir I know about foreign exchange

P2: so assume you are given 10 different currencies like euro, dollar, rupee.. etc. with some x amount of each currency and also exchange rates for all the currencies are given can you tell is there any arbitrage in these 10 currencies if you are free to use them anywhere. (seriously I didn’t get exactly what they were asking)

Me: I started thinking about it

P2: can you make any algorithm on it like each currency as a node.

Me: I told yes sir I can try like this( Now I got a little about this problem)

P2: but how you go like cycle finding in graph or some other thing(They were helping me)

Me: Yes sir we can make use of DFS for finding the cycle.

P2: No that’s not what I am asking my question was different can you find arbitrage like this

Me: yes sir we can follow like by using the exchange rate we can do

P2: Okk give a mathematical solution

Me: I tried but not got more on it

P2: ok leave it

P3: What other thing you know any subjects

Me: OS, CN, Algo, and DS

P3: Okk sir ask ques on OS(saying to P2)

P2: Do you know about page fault?

Me: I explained 

P2:(cross ques on it like virtual memory, thrashing, CPU utilization)

Me: answered all

P2: ask about CPU scheduling and multiprogramming

P2: priority-based algorithm

Me: Answered all

P2: ok now you explained about interrupts and priority-based CPU scheduling do have any intuition for using ML algorithm for this so that when any interrupt came we can better utilize it.

Me: ok sir you are saying to predict the interrupt rate basically but for that, we need an intelligent system

P2: Okk you have an intelligent system now tell

Me: sir for doing all this we require data from past usage so that our algorithm can predict about interrupt as I said.

P2: yes that’s what we call Reinforcement learning…

Me: sir I don’t know much about reinforcement learning. I know about ML and DL

P2: ok leave it and said P3 to ask ques

P3: You are given an array of 1-99 elements but 1 element is missing can you find that element without using any other space or array.

Me: so I can’t use linear search they said yes I told sir we can sum up all the elements and subtract with the sum of 1-99 numbers so we will get the element.

P3: that’s okay but not accurate give any other approach

Me: I started thinking they said can you use xor and ask xor of a number on itself I answered

P3: ok leave it… do you have pen-paper with you ( i said yes) draw a graph for log x

Me: Drawn and shown on screen

P3: it’s in your mind or do you think 

Me: yes sir I remember this

P3: draw a graph for X^3

Me: drawn and shown

P2, P3: ok we are done Thank you.

Me: Thank you sir.

P1, P2, P3: Okk thankyou you can leave.

It’s a great experience to give interviews for premium institutes like IIIT Hyderabad

The atmosphere there was cheerful and happy. 

Waiting for results …

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