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IIIT Delhi Admission Experience for PhD

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My Ph.D. interview experience of IIIT Delhi.  

  • I was interested in the research area of computer engineering & science (Wireless Networks)
  • I was shortlisted for the written test – winter session.
  • HackerRank platform used for programming test.
  • I cleared the programming test and was shortlisted for a face-to-face interview.
  • It is recommended to do basic practice for 2-3 months before appearing for a programming test.
  • My interview was based on Google Meet. This was an online interview.  
  • I was shortlisted for three interview panels means I had to give three interviews.

Let me explain my interview.

Two professors from IIIT Delhi took my interview –  

Professor Shri Pushpendra Singh Sir and Assistant Professor Shri Bapi Chatterjee Sir.

Panel 1: Professor Shri Pushpendra Singh Sir

(Shri Pushpendra sir was very nice and gave hints to solve questions)

Questions asked were:

  1. What are you doing after 12th class, explain briefly
  2. What is your job profile?
  3. is it permanent or temporary?
  4. will you resign or take leaves for Ph.D.?
  5. name of your college?
  6. what research do you propose?
  7. whatever you said is an engineering problem. it can’t be a research topic. what else?
  8. What are HTTP and HTTPS and the difference  
  9. What is SSL/TLS  
  10. difference symmetric algorithm and asymmetrical algorithm
  11. What is difference between DES & RSA  
  12. Which is preferable algorithm ( symmetrical & asymmetrical )
  13. What is the complexity of the symmetric algorithm and asymmetrical algorithm
  14. explain asymmetrical algorithm  
  15. why to create a single secure key before starting communication using asymmetrical algorithm
  16. which algorithm is lightweight and why? symmetric or asymmetrical?
  17. asymmetrical is complicated but still it is used for communication, why?
  18. What is “public static void main” in java
  19. does it work without static keyword
  20. does it work without public keyword
  21. explain the importance of entry point in java
  22. where is an entry point in Android
  23. android manifest file, is it necessary to declare all activities
  24. what if an activity is not declared in a manifest file and try to init the activity
  25. how do Android apps communicate/share data with each other
  26. how many types of intents i.e share intent etc.
  27. Where do you store data in Android? anything better than SQLite?

Panel 2:  Assistant Professor Shri Bapi Chatterjee Sir

  1. The difference between machine learning and distributed machine learning  
  2. distributed machine learning usages & how to implement
  3. how many types of data structures
  4. what is the difference between linear and nonlinear Data Structure
  5. What is an abstract data type
  6. Priority Queue and its usages
  7. what is the difference between a normal queue and a Priority Queue
  8. how to implement Priority Queue
  9. What is a max heap

That’s all, I had to drop the next two interviews because …. well, you may guess!!!

Good luck

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Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2023
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