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If you’re not paying for a product, then you probably are the product

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2022
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It was a historic movement in the year 2004 when the world’s sexiest man(I really mean it) Mark Zuckerberg with his friend wrote a book which is today the most read book in the world!! Hey wait a sec did i say “wrote” ? Nah created a book called “The Facebook”. Well as far as I know he didn’t sell even a single copy, yet the book is being read (used) by billions of people. I am not going to talk about what is Facebook, how it works etc. Everybody knows about it, if not then they are surely an alien to one world of its own kind –The Facebook World.

Guys you might have experienced this several times: when you are log in to Facebook, it gives suggestion of friends which you have just recently talked to or some products which you have seen somewhere in website. Sometimes we get amazed and ask ourselves “how does Facebook get to know what I want?”

If you think your Facebook account is personal and safe, then please let me clarify that you are 101 – 1% wrong. Facebook knows almost everything about us our personality, our feelings, how we think and lot more. But, how is this possible?

Let’s go behind the scenes.

A Website consists of two ends i.e. Frontend and Backend.

  • Frontend: In Facebook, the front end is the awesome blue color page where we can see our friends who are online, some advertisement, friend’s suggestions in the right side, whereas in center some news feed and so on.
  • Backend: The backend stores all the data -the things we do in facebook like comments, shares, chat logs, liking a page, advertisement, picture etc. Developers at Facebook have full access to our account. From our private chat logs to the likes, shares, liking of pages, our relationship status they knows it all. Moreover, it doesn’t ends here; they also know what we are doing in the other tab of the browser too. For example, if we have logged in to Facebook and are searching for something in other website or anything in different tab, then Facebook knows what we are searching for, our viewing etc.
  • Cookies delight: Everyone likes cookies right? Yes obviously so they are so delicious. Well not the cookies we eat, it’s the browser cookies which tracks our activity in the browser, if its turned on. Facebook access the cookies of our browser so that they can see what we are doing, and have the full access to our Facebook account by storing our data. The article 1 and the article 2 clearly show what a cookie is and how Facebook uses it. Here the question arises as to what they do with these data? This article (must read article) shows the unknown side of the Facebook, how Facebook handles and reveals the data. Whereas the article in this site reveals that Facebook sells all our private data to the companies.

What to do then??

Is there any way to get secure?  would be the reaction of a lot of people after reading thisYes, there is a way. We can get a more secure by following the methods given in this article.

We might choose what others see about our profile, but not everything. Most of the times we don’t take care of the information we disclose assuming that it’s not important, but we should take necessary precautions for saving our privacy. So guys, my suggestion is-Please Think twice before updating any of our private information or doing any activity in Facebook, as we are under surveillance.

No doubt technology has made our life easier, but to use it wisely is totally an individual’s responsibility. I respect Mark Zuckerberg and whole Facebook team for creating such a small wonderful virtually interconnected world  and how to use this platform is entirely your take.

Be wise, be safe!!

This article is contributed by Sunil Kumar. If you also wish to showcase your blog here, please see GBlog for guest blog writing on GeeksforGeeks.

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