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if/else condition in CSS
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2019

Given an HTML file and we need to apply using if-else conditions in CSS.

No, We can not use if-else conditions in CSS as CSS doesn’t support logics. But we can use some alternatives to if-else which are discussed below:

Method 1: In this method, we will use classes in HTML file to achieve this. We will define different class names according to the conditions which we want to apply in CSS.

  • Suppose we want to change the color of text according to the line number then the if-else condition will be:
       color : red;
       color : green;
  • By using the above-discussed method, we will create classes and then apply CSS in it:
       color : red;
       color : green;

So, the above classes will execute only for HTML tags in which these classes are used.


        If-else condition in CSS
    <!-- Applying CSS -->
        /* First line CSS */
            color : red;
        /* Second line CSS */
            color: green;
<body style="text-align:center;"
    <h1 style="color:green;"
        If-else condition in CSS
    <span class="color-line1">This is first line</span>
    <span class="color-line2">This is second line</span>


Method 2: We can use CSS preprocessors like SASS which allows us to write condition statements in it. Even if you use SASS you have to pre-process your stylesheets which means that the condition are evaluated at compile time, not at run time.


$type: line;
p {
  @if $type == line1 {
    color: blue;
  } @else if $type == line2 {
    color: red;
  } @else if $type == line3 {
    color: green;
  } @else {
    color: black;

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