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Idfy Interview Experience for Software Developer | On-Campus

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021

I applied for the position of SDE at IDfy. 

Round 1(Online Test): The first round was the online test, consisting of a few MCQ’s and two coding questions. One of the coding questions being,

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  1.  Find the transpose of a matrix. 

Only 20 people were shortlisted from my college after the first round.  

The first round was followed by two technical interviews.

Technical Interview 1: I was asked about basic concepts from OOPS, Database, SQL, Operating systems, for eg- Difference between encapsulation and abstraction (refer to geeks for geeks). Difference between get and post among other questions. Refer to GeeksforGeeks for the above-mentioned topics. The theoretical questions were followed by Coding questions, where I was given problem statements, and I was asked to explain the logic and write the code for the same on any editor that I had.  

  1. Find the transpose of the array, given that the dimension of the array is above 100. The regular transpose method can’t be applied as it will take up a lot of time.
  2. Implement stack from 2 queues and vice-versa. You can refer to YouTube or GfG for the above-mentioned problem statement.
  3. I was also asked Time Complexity of a few algorithms.

Technical Interview 2: This interview tested your technical knowledge in more depth, as compared to the previous one.

  • It started off, with the interviewer asking me about my projects.
  • I told her about one of the Android projects that I had done during my internship. 
  • The interviewer then gave me a sample problem statement to create an app, I  was supposed to tell about how and which functionalities would be implemented and the tech-stack that I’d use. this went on for quite some time, the interviewer kept on adding a few functionalities.
  • Post that I was given a coding question. I don’t exactly remember the question, but I gave the correct solution. But even though the solution was correct, its time complexity was high, and I forgot to give the more efficient solution.  

Because I answered almost every question(correctly), I was selected by the company.

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