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Icertis Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020

Round 1: This round is the consist of Aptitude and easy coding question

Round 2:

  1. Asked about my strength and weaknesses.
  2. Asked about my Projects.
  3. Some OOPs related questions were asked.
  4. Asked to write algorithms not code for easy questions. Here they were laid more emphasis on presentation and not logic, for some reason. It seems Begins and End were necessary.
  5. Asked to explain Postfix and Bubble sort.
  6. ACID properties in DBMS.

Result: Rejected, this could be perhaps my weak projects or my fumbling in OOPs but my algorithms, and DBMS was definitely good.

Tip: If you get here then lay more emphasis on OOPs and presentation part of your algorithms.

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