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IBM Selection Process

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  • Last Updated : 20 Jul, 2022
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IBM has a slightly different process as compared to other Mass recruitment companies. 

In this article you will find the brief description about the different rounds and  Interview experience. 

NOTE : Every round was an elimination round and you have to score well to surpass that round. 

Round 1 

Mathematics Puzzle & Games 

This round was basically a  mathematical puzzle round in which there were different games. You have to find to maximize your score by solving the puzzle in minimum no. of moves. 

In doing so, you will given rating.The games were similar to that of 


2. Making way for a ball to move from a position to final destination. 

3. Finding the maximum sum of the elements in given time frame(In my case it there was a timer of 3 seconds, after which next question would appear). 


1. Try to think quickly and maximize your accuracy with this you will able to ace this round easily. 

2. Read the instructions carefully it will help you in immensely. 

3. Stay focused.Take 1 round at a time. 

After this round a handful no. of students were eliminated. 

Round 2 

Psychometric Test 

In this round students have to chose between different situations of corporate world and how they will react to it.Remember the time limit is only 10 to 15 minutes and you have to answer 50 questions. 

This round basically checks your personality and how do you act in a given situation. 


1. Do remember not to contradict yourself as there will questions which will be related to previous questions. 

2.Be genuine for your answers and don’t try to be extra smart. 

3.Try to answer the next question with respect to the previously answered question.It will help you to clear this interview. 

This round was one the toughest round as maximum no. of students were eliminated in this round.Around 400 students from 600 were eliminated. 

Round 3 

English Grammar 

In this round there were 3 sub rounds and each sub round was about 3 minutes.You can do as much questions you want to do in that 3 minutes,it all depends on your speed. 

1. Tenses 

You have to chose between correct form of tense used , from the given options. 

2. Spell check 

There will be two spellings given and you have to choose the correct spelling from them. 

3. Words from a given meaning 

You will be given a meaning and you have to choose the correct word that has the same meaning. 

Eg. new born baby. 

Ans : Infant 


1. Try to do as much questions as you can specially in the spell section.( I did around 110 question with 106 being correct). 

2. Use option elimination technique wherever required specially in the tenses round and the other round. 

This round also had many eliminations but if you have the accuracy and the speed you can easily ace the interview. 

Round 4 : 

This round is fairly easy for the ones who have coding experience.Ptaform used is Hacker Rank . 

Those who have practiced questions in these kind of platforms will find it very easy to solve the questions. 

The was only 1 question asked in this round along with 5 MCQ questions (Related to SQL, DBMS ) and the time allotted was 40 mins. 

The different coding questions asked were 

1. Sum of n terms of A.P (Mine question) 

2. Star pattern using loops. 

3. Strings questions like palindrome & finding a character in string. 

4. Area of ellipse 

With these questions you might have got an idea about the level of questions asked. 

Coming to the 5 MCQ’s they were of moderate level . One can ace them easily. 

Complete Test Series for Service Based


1. Try to get familiar with different coding platforms it will help you immensely in your coding rounds. 

2. If you pass all the test cases you will clear this round easily. 

3.If somehow you can’t pass all the test cases, try to maximize your score in the MCQ section. 

With this I was able to to clear all the Rounds of IBM and was among 30 candidates(From 700 candidates) who reached to the Interview Rounds. 


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