IBM Placement Paper | Verbal Reasoning Set – 4

This is an IBM model paper for Verbal Aptitude. This placement paper will cover aptitude that is asked in IBM placements and also strictly follows the pattern of questions asked in IBM papers. It is recommended to solve each one of the following questions to increase your chances of clearing the IBM placement.

  1. We __________ our friend’s birthday and we ________ how to make it up to him.
    1. Completely forgot — don’t just know
    2. Forgot completely — don’t just know
    3. Completely forgot — just don’t know
    4. Forgot completely — just don’t know


    Completely forgot --- just don’t know


    We Completely forgot our friend’s birthday and we just don’t know how to make it up to him.

  2. Choose the statement where underlined word is used correctly.
    1. The industrialist had a personnel jet
    2. I write my experience in my personnel diary
    3. All personnel are being given the day off
    4. Being religious is a personnel aspect


    All personnel are being given the day off


    personnel mean a body of persons employed in an organization or place of work.

  3. A generic term that includes various items of clothing such as a skirt, a pair of trousers and a shirt is
    1. fabric
    2. textile
    3. fibre
    4. apparel




    apparel means clothing.

  4. Out of the following four sentences, select the most suitable sentence with respect to grammar and usage:

    1. Since the report lacked needed information, it was of no use to them
    2. The report was useless to them because there were no needed information in it
    3. Since the report did not contain the needed information, it was not real useful to them
    4. Since the report lacked needed information, it would not had been useful to them


    Since the report lacked needed information, it was of no use to them


    Only option (A) seems correct.
    In option (B) – were is wrong used here.
    In option (C) – real is wrong, should be really
    In option (D) – had is wrong. would not have been is correct.

  5. The Tamil version of ________ John Abraham-starrer Madras Cafe _____ cleared by the Censor Board with no cuts last week, but the film’s distributors ______ no takers among the exhibitors for a release in Tamil Nadu _________ this Friday.
    1. Mr., was, found, on
    2. a, was, found, at
    3. the, was, found, on
    4. a, being, find at


    the, was, found, on
  6. Extreme focus on syllabus and studying for tests has become such a dominant concern of Indian students that they close their minds to anything ________ to the requirements of the exam.

    1. related
    2. extraneous
    3. outside
    4. useful


  7. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the pair:
    Children : Pediatrician

    1. Adult : Orthopaedist
    2. Females : Gynaecologist
    3. Kidney : Nephrologist
    4. Skin : Dermatologist


    Females : Gynaecologist


    Pediatrician is a doctor for children. Gynaecologist is a doctor for Females.

  8. Select the correct SYNONYM for:

    1. barbaric
    2. new
    3. same
    4. nice


  9. Select the correct SYNONYM for:

    1. Crafty
    2. Nearly
    3. Relevant
    4. Ferocious


  10. Select the correct ANTONYM for:

    1. Substantial
    2. Immaterial
    3. Real
    4. Natural


  11. While trying to collect(I) an envelope from under the table (II), Mr. X fell down (III) and was losing consciousness (IV)

    Which one of the above underlined parts of the sentence is NOT appropriate?

    1. I
    2. II
    3. III
    4. IV




    Here, part IV is incorrect. “was losing consciousness” shows the continuous process of losing consciousness, but he was not in the process, rather he just lost consciousness.
    So, the correction is ” was losing consciousness ”  => ” lost consciousness “.

    Thus, IV is the correct choice.


    Please comment below if you find anything wrong in the above post.

  12. If she _______________ how to calibrate the instrument, she _______________ done the experiment.
    1. knows, will have
    2. knew, had
    3. had known, could have
    4. should have known, would have


    had known, could have


    A)knows, will have //Present, future

    B)knew, had //past past

    c)had known, could have//past perfect, perfect conditional

    D)should have known, would have //present, future



    In a Type 3 conditional sentence, the tense in the ‘if’ clause is the past perfect, and the tense in the main clause is the perfect conditional or the perfect continuous conditional.

    If clause (condition) Main clause (result)
    If + past perfect perfect conditional or perfect continuous conditional
    If this thing had happened that thing would have happened.
  13. Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the word “coherent”.
    1. sticky
    2. well-connected
    3. rambling
    4. friendly




    Coherent – Adj.
    Meaning – (of an argument, theory, or policy) logical and consistent.

    Rambling – Adj.
    Meaning – (of writing or speech) lengthy and confused or inconsequential.

    Hence both are opposite to each other.

  14. Didn’t you buy _________ when you went shopping?
    1. any paper
    2. much paper
    3. no paper
    4. a few paper


    any paper


    In general, any is used in negative sentences and questions.

  15. Select a word from the given options that fit the blank most appropriately.

    Statement: Don’t judge a book ____ its cover

    1. to
    2. with
    3. in
    4. by


  16. Select a word from the given options that fit the blank most appropriately.

    Statement: Don’t put off ____ tomorrow what you can do today

    1. within
    2. with
    3. until
    4. in


  17. Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the sentence below?
    “She enjoyed herself immensely at the party.”

    1. She had a terrible time at the party
    2. She had a horrible time at the party
    3. She had a terrific time at the party
    4. She had a terrifying time at the party


    She had a terrific time at the party


    Except for C, all other options indicate that she didn’t enjoy.

    Horrible and terrible means fearful.

    Terrific means wonderful. 

  18. Which one of the following combinations is incorrect?
    1. Acquiescence – Submission
    2. Wheedle – Roundabout
    3. Flippancy – Lightness
    4. Profligate – Extravagant


    Wheedle - Roundabout


    Flippancy     ---> lack of respect or seriousness.
    Acquiescence  ---> the reluctant acceptance of 
                       something without protest.
    Wheedle      --->  use endearments or flattery to 
                       persuade someone to do something or 
    Profligate   ---> recklessly extravagant 
  19. Select the alternative meaning of the underlined part of the sentence.
    The chain snatchers took to their heels when the police party arrived.

    1. took shelter in a thick jungle
    2. open indiscriminate fire
    3. took to flight
    4. unconditionally surrendered


    took to flight


    Both took to flight and took to their heels mean run away.

  20. Select the correct SYNONYM for:

    1. Calm
    2. Low
    3. Noisy
    4. Mild


  21. Select the correct SYNONYM for:

    1. Calm
    2. Soft
    3. Loud
    4. Mild


  22. Select the correct ANTONYM for:

    1. Obscene
    2. Blunt
    3. Abusive
    4. Decent



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