IBM Placement Drive Experience

Round 1 : APTITUDE

IBM came for placement drive in our campus, Mody University.

They ask very basic aptitude and English questions. It would be beneficial to practice IBM aptitude questions. Just Google it and you will find few sources, go through two to three websites and know about type of questions that can be expected. This will boost up your motivation and  you will perform well in  aptitude.

Round 2: 


First they asked to introduce yourself. Prepare a very brief introduction that highlights your positives. Then they asked about summer internship project. They just want to know how well you know the work you did in internship. Then they asked questions from data structure. How will you insert and delete from circular linked list. Then they asked to write a program to display a particular pattern, that they had drawn on a sheet. Last question was from which other subject should we ask. I  replied any. But further they did not ask any question. They are very calm and patient. They will make you feel comfortable in first minute by talking about you from your introduction. At the end the interviewer was happy and also gave me a chocolate. It was very generous of them to say thank you as  the interview finished. Results were out and I was selected!!


Unfortunately I didn’t join IBM


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