IBM Interview Experience (On-Campus)

IBM visited in our campus for recruitment of Associate System Engineers.
Round 1:
It was an online test and it consists analytical question(Number series). This was an adaptive test consists approx 20 ques and you can spend a time of 2 min 15 sec on one ques. After passing the cutoff this test you will be allowed for the next section i.e. the English test to check your grammer & basic knowledge of sentence formation. lastly after clear this section a coding section is conducted which consists 10 MCQ(c, c++), and 1 coding question.
My coding ques…

Round 2:
It was an Interview round mainly conducted by HR. The interviewer asked me to tell about myself and my projects. My project was based on IOT then he asked me question related to that and also gave me some real life problem to solve using IOT concepts.  After a long discussion he asked me the Time complexity of  sorting algorithms in Best case as well as in Worst case.

Then he asked some questions on Balanced Binary Search tree and also to explain that witha na examples.

At last he asked me write a function for fibonacci series in recursive and iterative manner and asked the time complexity for both situation.At  the end  it was very generous of them to say thank you as  the interview finished. Results were out and I was selected!!


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