IBM Interview Experience for Java Full-Stack Developer

Date – 21 December 2019
IBM Interview process for experienced candidate.

I applied on IBM’s careers page.

Round 1 :
Got a link for cognify gaming test which consist of 3 small games, which helps them to find candidate’s logical thinking.
Game was like
1. Complete the cubes, separate parts of cubes were given.
2. Identify a result of numbers, number given just we have to find equivalent expression which generates that number.
3. Arrange the shapes in proper format, they may asked, how this shape will display in mirror and make the same shape.

Round 2:
If we qualify above test, there will be other round of learning agility test where in which they tests behavior of candidate.
Questions were like, how you will manage some situation.
After clearing learning agility test, after 1 week one consultant contacted me and scheduled my interview at IBM’s office.

Round 3:
At office they gave us 1 sheet we had to fill CRN(Reference Number) and BR code, this we got in our registration email.
With these details we had to mention our skills on the given sheet.

Round 4:
After filling and submitting the sheet, they sent us 1 link for MCQs test on hackerearth. The test will be based on skill we mentioned in sheet.

Round 5:
After clearing test there were Telephonic Technical Interview.

Round 6:After clearing technical interview there were PDM (Discussion with Project Delivery Manager).
This was the last round.
HR were very friendly and they were very supportive.
GOT an offer after 10 Days.

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