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IBM Interview Experience for Associate Developer ( On-Campus )

Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2020
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This interview experience is for Associate Developer role at IBM in their GBS vertical. 

There was three written round , one coding round  and one interview. Branch eligible for the same was CS,IT, electrical and electronics and percentage requirement at UG was 65% . So from our college around 120 students participated in the recruitment process.

1st Written Round : This was basically a game where  a person’s aptitude and analytical capabilities are judged. Game where like rotating the grid by 120 degree and telling its mirror image if it is kept at the top of the grid. The other game was that two quadrants were given having some numbers in them, and you have to choose the quadrant which have larger number. The number can simple whole number, a fraction or simple arithmetic expression. These were time bounded, and we have to do as more correct as possible. It was not mentioned that whether there is penalty for wrong answer. 

2nd Written Round : Psychometric Round : This was the most crucial round as a lot of the elimination was done in this round. There are set of behavioral questions and you have to answer them. Try to be consistent here with your answers. Don’t think much over it. 

3rd written round :  English : It was relatively simple , and questions were related to synonyms, antonyms ,  and correct spelling . The words asked were day to day words which we commonly encounter.

Coding Round :   Around 15-20 people participated in this. This test was taken in Hackerrank platform. One coding question and around 15MCQ were there. MCQ were based on OS , DBMS, SQL and DS and algo. Coding question was on relatively simpler side , like inorder traversal , reverse a string etc  But be careful with the edge test cases. From all the people giving the test, only one was able to clear all test cases. I had one test case un-cleared. 

Now 7 of us was cleared for interview. Interview took place next day, as interviewer had not arrived yet.

Interview Round :  The average interview length was 30 minutes. But mine took place for around an hour. First he introduced himself. Then questions began, Questions were : 

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Then describe your project. Questions were then asked on project.

3.. My percentage were low. So why it was low?

4. Where do you see yourself when you retire?

5 what kind of person you are. Describe yourself.

6. Them one puzzle . If they are three torch, each of them giving three colour Red ,Blue and Green. How many signals can be formed?

7. Then he asked me whether i had any questions that i want to ask. I would suggest to try to ask good questions here.

After that biometric was taken by some other person. Happened with all of us and were told that result will be declared within 2-3 days.

Got the result after 2 days.

5 of us were selected and I was one of them . Hurray !

All the best!

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