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IBM GTS Labs Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 18 May, 2021
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Education: B.Tech- Biomedical Engineering 

Date of Visit: January 2021

College: VIT Vellore

Location: Bangalore 

Years of Experience: zero, Fresher.

Company: IBM- GTS labs

Title/Level: Fulltime Offer 

Initial shortlisting was done on basis of CGPA>7 and Computer and Electronics Branches were eligible, around 950 students were shortlisted for Round 1

Round 1(IBM Cognitive Ability Assessment): it was a puzzle-solving round and points were awarded based on speed and accuracy. it was conducted on IBM’s own platform 

Round 2(Coding): This round had around 600 students shortlisted, and it was conducted on the Hackerrank platform and you need to turn on our camera and microphone for the exam.

No of Questions : 3

Time Limit : 1 hour 5 minutes


  1. It was a question where we needed to find the interval in which we needed to find a particular number based on the problem proposed the concept that needed to be used was binary search which didn’t strike me during the exam hence using Brute force was able to pass 8/12 testcases 
  2. It was the question same as this used Dynamic programming concept to ace this question passing all test cases.
  3. It was Question-based on Connected components in Graph we needed to find the total number of connected components. Didn’t attempt this question as had only an hour 

Round 3(Interview): After Coding round 35 students were shortlisted for the interview including me.

  • My preparation till then : Had good control over JAVA Language and it’s fundamentals and was very good at DSA having solved over 400+ problems on leetcode and during my college days took courses on DBMS , NETWORK , OS as electives took up udemy course on MERN Stack for web development and had some idea about Node.js , React.js and Mongo-DB 


Interview Process: There were two interviewers in the call, first asked me to introduce myself after that straight away questions such as

  1. How much do you rate yourself on Javascript out of 10 ?
  2. Difference between linkedlist and circular linkedlist?
  3. How do you establish connection to mongo-DB?
  4. How do you check if connection fails ?
  5. How does React work?
  6. Why react?
  7. What is DOM and BOM ?
  8. What is event bubbling in Javascript?
  9. Why indexing and how to create index in mongo-DB?
  10. What is meant by writing clean code?
  11. Have you used any testing frameworks in Node.js?
  12. Questions on the project on my resume . . . 

The interview ended after 40 minutes , was able to answer around 60 percent of the question and knew that my interview didn’t go well  . . . after 4 days results came and there was 11 people selected and I was not one of them had an internship offer at a start-up company as a web developer started there and got to learn a lot and improve my technical knowledge.

Another Opportunity:

After a couple of months was contacted by IBM recruiter saying There is Requirement for the company , if i’m interested he would arrange another round of interview , was interested and again was scheduled 

Round 1: The interviewer asked me to introduce about myself and then gave a problem solving question on 

  1. The question was same as this but it was not a binary matrix, did it easily


After that questions on JAVA:

  1. 4 pillars of OOPS and explain about each of them?
  2. He gave a Question based on upcasting?
  3. Interface and abstraction concepts  . . 
  4. What is overriding and overloading when they are used? 


 After that, he asked whether i have worked on implementing and deploying of REST-API . Told him that i have not deployed it, but I have developed API’s and integrated with UI in the local machine for my personal projects 

After a couple of days got mail for another round of interview (H.R)

Round 2(HR)

Questions : 

  1. He told to explain about myself . . 
  2. He asked me about my intern experience and Personal projects , not technically but like what solution was brought to the business and what tech stack was used for it . . 
  3. How to make good PPT’s and engage with audiences . . .
  4. Asked about hobbies and personal details  . . . 
  5. At last he explained about the division to which i will be working . . .


After 2 days the results came from our placement office that 4 students have been selected and i was one of them , it was an awesome moment all the hard work put forward paid off.

All the Best!

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