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IBM Curam Health Java developer (2 years experienced)

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Round 1: Written Test(Paper and Pen) on java concept MCQs’ and two programming problems

  1. String problem to be done using recursion
  2. File reading problem to print line by line to console

Round 2: F2F Technical Discussion

Previous company work experience?

Can you fix production issues because you don’t have much development experience?

What is the most Toughest bug you fixed?

Why String is immutable?Why not other Wrapper classes?

Can you use string for password or char sequence?

What is serialization? Give real time example? – He gave google search result as example to this after I told something related to project

Discussion about coding problems in written round and some other basic java questions.

Round 3: Managerial (Technically HR salary Discussion)

Manager discusses about compensation after explaining about “curam” product – the other name of IBM Watson Health and your role.

Ask your questions properly here or else you will land up in wrong kind of work after joining.

All the Best.

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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