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I love you Virus

  • Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2021

Introduction :

This virus name I love you referred to as a love bug or a love letter. It infected over 10 million computers and it started spreading as an email message with the subject I love you. In that message, there is an attachment sent in the email LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs. Many users consider the .vbs extension as a plain text file.  It catches many users’ attention and makes them open the attachment. When the user opens the attachment the Visual Basic script gets activated and damages the local machine. This virus is also capable of overwriting any files like images, audio, and it then sends a copy of it to all the addresses in the Windows Address book. It made the virus spread much faster than any spreading of email worms. It was created by a 24-year-old resident in Manilla, Philippines.

Formation of the virus :

It was created by a 24-year-old college student. He was poor and was struggling to pay for internet access. The person who created this virus is Onel-de-Guzman. The sole motive of this virus was to steal the password of others which would let him use the internet services by logging into other user accounts. The worm created by him had the same principles that he had explained in his thesis at his undergraduate. He didn’t have the slightest idea that the virus he had created would spread worldwide.

The spread of I love you virus : 

This virus got spread as an attachment in Email. It used a mailing list as the source of the target. It comes as a message from acquaintances which we generally consider safe, and we open that mail.

Impact of the virus :

This virus was originated on 4th May 2000. The virus spread quietly faster like it first moved to Hong Kong, Europe, and finally to the United States. It affected 10 percent of people who have internet-connected computers and 50 million infections had been reported. This impact of the virus caused damage over 5 to 8.7 billion US dollars. Now many large corporations decided to completely shut down the mail system to protect themselves. During that time it was one of the most computer disasters that ever happened. 

Protection from the virus :

  • Users should have the antivirus to check they have been affected by this type of virus or not.
  • Users should not give the email address to any unsecured page.
  • The Email should not be opened if that is sent from an unknown source.
  • If the user finds the email address to be fake, then the user should delete the email immediately.

Application of I love you virus :

  • It is sent with the subject I Love You. It urges many users to open that email and the attachment that is given in it.
  • The attachment that is given in it, contains a double extension that is .txt.vbs. The .vbs extension is considered as a plain text file.
  • When the victim or the user opens the attachment, the Visual Basic script code activates and it starts damaging, overwriting any files, and more.

Advantage of I love you virus :

  • This mail can be sent as an attachment.
  • It is sent in this manner that anybody will have that urge to open the attachment.
  • It contains a double extension that can be used to fool the victim that the attachment contains the virus.

Disadvantage of I love you virus :

  • This could only spread through email.
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