Hyperdart Interview Experience

Round 1:First Round was a Aptitude round held on mettl site.It compromised questions from topics such as:

*Train problems

*Time speed and distance

*Alphabetical series Q

*Boat and stream

*Direction sense

*Blood Relation

It was a Quite easy round.Approximately 150 students sat from our college and 20 were shortlisted in the first round.

Round 2:Now comes the coding round which was also held on mettl site.

There were two Coding Questions:

1.Find Number of Trailing Zeroes in a factorial.

2.String Rotation Question

The second question comprised Corner testcases which were difficult to pass.

Now 9 Students were shortlisted for the Interview.

Round 3:Interview lasted for around 45-60m.

It started with discussion on the coding question given to me.

Then they asked about subject of Interest:

I answered Java, Operating System.Some questions were-

1.What is an OS?

2.Difference b/w Windows and Linux?

3.What is Kernel in OS?

4.What is Scheduling?

5.All Types of Scheduling in OS?

6.Round Robin Scheduling?

7.Priority Queue Scheduling?

8.Multiple level Queue Scheduling?

9.What is Object?

10.What is Class?

11.What is Abstract Method?

12.All types of Access Specifier?

13.Default vs Protected keyword in java?

14.GCD Program both iteratively and recursively?

15.How to store Large numbers without using Inbuilt classes?

Then came HR which was combined in Technical Interview—

1.What’s your Hobby?

2.I said i read novel’s so he asked about what type of novel i have read what was the storyline and who was the writer?

3.Then asked which games you play and what were your achievements?

Then Hr said to ask some questions:

So i asked what are some challenges i could face as a intern in your company?

-The Hr answered that, he was very friendly and had a happy face he was the Vice President of Hyperdart.

Result—-2 out of 9 selected in Final Round.

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