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Huawei Interview Experience | Set 2
  • Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2015

Round 1 :
Aptitude. Only aptitude nothing else.

Round 2 :
Coding. Basic array manipulation questions.

Round 3 :
Technical 1 – Algorithms related questions. I was asked to code on paper.

1) Longest palindrome in a text file.
2) Reverse linked list
3) Bubble sort using recursion
4) Puzzle – 25 hourses.

Technical 2 – Data Structures, Algorithms, OS, DBMS

1) Inorder, preorder, postorder printing.
2) Insertion into tree
3) Shared memory, buffers.
4) Types of database
5) DP questions I know
6) In detail about my project
7) 2 puzzles. Filling in a 3 cups 2, 5 and 7 litres.

It was more of technical than HR
1) Short term goals, long term goals.
2) Strength, weakness
3) Printing using command line argument
4) Dynamic memory allocation
5) Aptitude question. The time when two trains moving towards each other meet.
6) 12th std score in each subject
7) If I have any other offer.

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