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The <object> tag is an HTML tag and used to display multimedia like audios, videos, images, PDFs, and Flash in web pages. It can also be used for displaying another webpage inside the HTML page.
The <param> tag is also used along with this tag to define various parameters. Any text that is written within <object> and </object> tags are considered as an alternative text that appears when the data specified is not supported by the browser.
This tag supports all Global and Event attributes of HTML.





<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Object Tag</title>
        <h1>Object Tag</h1>
    <object data=
            width="550px" height="150px">GeeksforGeeks</object>


html object tag

The <object> tag has the following attributes:

Attribute Value Description
data URL It specifies the URL of data in the object.
type media_type It specifies the media type of data specified in the data attribute.
typemustmatch boolean It indicates that the resource should be embedded only if the value of the type attribute matches with the type of the resource provided on the data attribute.
align left, right, top, bottom It defines the alignment of the objects.
border pixels It specifies the border around the object.
height pixels It specifies the height of the object.
hspace pixels It specifies the whitespace on the left and right side of the object.
vspace pixels It specifies the whitespace on the top and bottom of the object.
height pixels It specifies the height of the object.
width pixels It specifies the width of the object.
name name It specifies the name for an object.
form form_id It specifies the form id to which the object element belongs to.

Supported Browser: <object> tag supported by below browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari


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