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HTML | <iframe> marginwidth Attribute

  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2019

The HTML <iframe> margin width Attribute is used to specifies the left and right margin of the content in an Iframe Element.


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<iframe marginwidth="pixels">

Attribute Values:

  • pixels: It contains the value i.e pixel which specifies the right and left a margin of the content in an Iframe Element.

Note: This attribute is not supported in HTML 5, as a replacement you can use CSS.
Below example illustrate the <iframe> marginwidth Attribute:

<!DOCTYPE html>
     HTML <iframe> marginwidth Attribute
        <h1 style="color:green;">
        HTML Iframe marginwidth Attribute
        <p>Content goes here</p>
        <iframe src=


Supported Browsers: The browsers supported by HTML <iframe> marginwidth Attribute are listed below:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
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