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HTML DOM Window scrollY Property

  • Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2020

The scrollY property of the Window interface returns the number of pixels that the document is currently scrolled vertically in the current window. This value is subpixel precise in modern browsers, meaning that it isn’t necessarily a whole number. This is a read-only property.


var Scry = window.scrollY

Return Value: The returned value is a double-precision floating-point value indicating the number of pixels the document is currently scrolled vertically from the origin.

Example: This example shows how to get the precise number of pixels that are being scrolled vertically of the document using this property.

Here, we have attached a long vertical heading to exceed the frame to enable scroll vertically.


<body style="text-align:center;">
    <h1 style="color:green;">
        HTML | window scrollY property
    <button onclick="Geeks()">
        Click Here
    <p id="a"></p>
        var a = document.getElementById("a");
        function Geeks() {
            a.innerHTML = "scrollY is : " 
                    + window.scrollY;


  • Before Clicking the Button:

  • After Clicking the Button: 

Supported Browsers: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge

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