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HTML | DOM Style counterReset Property

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The Style counterReset property in HTML DOM is used to create or reset counters. This property is used with the counterincrement property and the content property.

  • It is used to return the counterReset property.
  • It is used to set the counterReset property. = "none|name|number|initial|inherit"

Property values 

noneIt is the default value no counter will be reset.
nameIt holds the name of the counter which counter will be reset.
numberIt holds the number which counter will be reset.
initialSet this property to it’s default value.
inheritInherits the property from it’s parent element.

Return Value:This method returns a string containing counter-increment property of element.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        HTML DOM Style counterReset Property
        p:before {
            counter-increment: subj;
            content: "Subject " counter(subj) ": ";
        HTML DOM Style counterReset Property
    <button onclick = "myFunction()">
        Click Here!
    <h2>Computer Science Subjects</h2>
    <p>Data Structure</p>
    <p>Operating System</p>
    <p>Computer Networks</p>
        function myFunction() {
   = "subj";

Before click on the button: 

After click on the button: 

Supported Browsers: The browser supported by DOM counterReset property are listed below: 

  • Google Chrome 2
  • Edge 12
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Firefox 1
  • Opera 9.2
  • Safari 3


Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2022
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