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HTML DOM strictErrorChecking Property

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The DOM strictErrorChecking Property sets or returns whether strict error checking can be enforced on a document or not. It is used to return a boolean value that is true or false. If true it means strict checking can be applied to the documents and if false then it cannot be applied. This property is true by default.

Return Value: Returns a Boolean, true or false.


  • To return:
  • documentObject.strictErrorChecking
  • To set:
  • documentObject.strictErrorChecking=true|false


<!DOCTYPE html>
        HTML DOM strictErrorChecking Property
    <h2>HTML DOM strictErrorChecking Property</h2>
    <p id="geeks" onclick="MyGeeks()">
        Hello Geeks!
        function MyGeeks() {


Supported Browsers: The major browsers are not supported by DOM strictErrorChecking Property.

Last Updated : 13 Jun, 2023
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