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The deprecated tags or attributes are those attributes which are replaced by some other attributes. The tag or attributes depreciated when the same attributes is achieved by some other way.
HTML Deprecated Tag: Complete list of deprecated tags are given below:

applet tag Specify an applet object tag
basefont tag Specify a basefont font style sheets
center tag Use to specify a centered Text text-align:center
dir tag Specify a directory list ul tag
embed tag Embed an application to HTML document object tag
font tag Used to specify font text, size and color font-family, font-size, color
isindex tag Specify a single-line input field form tag
menu tag Specify a menu list ul tag
plaintext tag Specify a plaintext pre tag
s tag Specify a strike through text text-decoration
strike tag Specify a strike through text text-decoration
u tag Specify underlined text text-decoration
xmp tag Specify preformatted text pre tag

HTML Deprecated Attributes: There are some attributes which are deprecated from HTML4. Some of these attributes are given below:

Attribute Description Alternate Attributes
align attribute Used to specify the positioning of an element text-align, vertical-align
alink attribute Specify color for selected link active attribute
background attribute Specify background image background-image
bgcolor attribute Specify background color background-color
bgcolor attribute Specify background color background-color
border attribute Used to specify border width of an element border-width
height attribute Specify height of body tag padding attribute
language attribute Specify scripting language being used type attribute
link attribute Specify default color of links in the document link attribute
nowrap attribute Prevent the text from wrapping within that table cell white-space
vlink attribute Specify the color of visited links visited attribute
type attribute Specify the type of list in li tag list-style-type
vspace attribute Specify the amount of whitespace or padding that should appear above or below an element padding attribute


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