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HTML | <col> valign Attribute

  • Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019

The HTML <col> valign attribute is used to specify the vertical alignment of the text content in a column element.


<col valign="top | middle | bottom | baseline">

Attribute Values:

  • top: It sets the content to top-align.
  • middle: It sets the content to middle-align.
  • bottom: It sets the content to bottom-align.
  • baseline: It sets the content to baseline. The baseline is the line where most of the characters sit.


<!DOCTYPE html> 
        HTML col valign Attribute 
    <h2>HTML col valign Attribute</h2
    <table border="1"
        <caption>Author Details</caption
        <col width="150" align="char"
                    char="." valign="top"
        <col width="80" align="char"
                    char="." valign="top"
        <col width="120" align="char"
                    char="." valign="top"


Supported Browsers: This attribute is supported by only Internet Explorer and Opera 12 and earlier versions.

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