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HTML <a> ping Attribute

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The HTML <a> ping Attribute is generally used to either specify a particular URL or a list of URLs that will be notified when the user will click on the hyperlink passed int HTML <a> href Attribute. This is achieved by sending a short HTTP post request to the specified URL as soon as the user clicks on the hyperlink. 

Syntax :

<a href="url_hyperlink" ping="specified_url" />

Attribute Values:

  • specified_url: This is the URL where the short HTTP post request will be sent as soon as the user follows the link given in url_hyperlink.



<!DOCTYPE html>
  <head> </head>
    <h2>Welcome To GFG</h2>
    <a href=
      Read codersaty articles


Note: A short HTTP post request will be sent to “” whenever someone clicks  “Read codersaty articles”

Supported Browsers: 

  • Edge 17.0
  • Apple Safari 6.0
  • Opera 15.0
  • Google Chrome 12.0
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Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2022
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