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HSBC Technology Interview Experience | Set 5

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Round 1: Online MCQ (around 90 mins)

First round consisted of MCQ questions divided into different sections like Aptitude, Verbal, Data structures, C,C++ and Java. Questions from OS, Networking and DBMS were not asked. Some of the core topics included were pointers, Java (basics, programs, collections, threading, interface), data structures, basics and programs of C, C++. They have sectional cutoff. So solve accordingly. Selection criteria is totally on section based cutoff. In our case, out of 300-350 students around 50 of them were selected for next round.

Round 2: Coding Round (30 mins)

Here, you will be given a set of 2 questions with 5 marks (2+3). In my case, one was easy and the other was tough. Topics for coding included string, array, maths,etc. Overall, intermediate level of coding questions were asked. Solve quickly as you will get less time. Students who have solved even only one question were selected for the technical round. 22 of us were selected.

Round 3: Technical Interview

He got up to shake hands with me. Skipped the obvious ‘Tell me about question’.

Firstly, Sci-Fi Movies was mentioned in my hobbies. Hence, he asked me some normal questions like, Which Sci-Fi movie I liked the most and Why ? He became more specific and asked What particularly I like in Science Fiction?

Secondly, Traveling was mentioned in my hobbies. So he again spent some more mins having a talk on the same.

Q.1 Explain your projects to me. Asked on every projects about the technologies used with a brief description. You have to give in-depth description otherwise they won’t be satisfied.

Q.2 Asked me, What hurdles did I face in implementing the projects?

Q.3 I had written C, C++ in my technical skills. So, he asked me to compare between C,C++ and Java.

I replied Java to which he asked Why? I explained all the 4 principles of Java and how portability and security features brought remarkable change to web programming. He was pretty satisfied.

I mentioned Puzzle solving and Logical reasoning as my skills. So he asked me ‘What kind of puzzles I solve’, ‘Do you have any subscription to puzzle solving material’s, etc….They go very deep on each and every thing mentioned in your CV. So be thorough with your resume.

Q.4 Asked me to rate myself in C and told me to code a program to swap two variables without using a third variable.

I told him the XOR method to swap 2 numbers. He was quite impressed with the answer.

Q.6 Asked me to brief about my volunteer experience in which I worked as a Graphic Designer in an NGO

Q.7 Do you have any questions ? This is a good opportunity to know about the company, what it does, what challenges you face in your first year, what tasks will be your primary concern, etc. Grab the chance.

Round 4: HR Interview 

Q.1 Started by saying, Shubham, you are a complete stranger to me and asked me to walk him through my resume. Each and everything.

Q.2 What according to you is the most important quality a person should possess working in a corporate world?

Q.3 Asked me to explain one of my projects which was based on Android application development and what was the problem faced that actually made me to create that application?

Q.4 Asked me to brief about my Graphic Designing work.

Q.5 Do you possess any leadership qualities? In past are there any instances wherein you had the opportunity to be a leader?

The best thing I liked about the HR guy was that he was very cooperative. He even appreciated all my answers which gave me enough confidence.

Q.6 Lastly, obvious one – Do you have any questions? Asked 2-3 question about the culture, work and challenges in HSBC. He told me to stay in the waiting room for sometime.

After few mins, coordinator called me outside. Gave me the HSBC form to fill up my details. I realized that I was selected. I was offered Striker profile. In all, 10 offers were made. 3 Acers and 7 Strikers. Victory.

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Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2017
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