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HSBC On Campus Interview (For strikers and Acers )

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It consists of 3 sections.Verbal(20), Logical Reasoning(20) and Technical(30).Verbal and Logical Reasoning is very easy. In Technical, there is a broad spectrum of questions from java, android, HTML and some code outputs and for some questions, I even don’t know they are from which topic. It was an online cocubes test. Writing correctly 12 to 15 technical questions are enough to qualify for the second round and for verbal and logical they are very easy.

It was a coding round only for the ones who cleared the first round and which is also on cocubes. It consists of 2 questions and 30min time. One question is easy and other varies from medium to hard. Solving one code is enough to be selected for the next round.

From here rounds will vary from person to person.

From my experience with this company, I observed that they will give more importance to HR Round rather than Technical rounds. Rather, I would say there is no need for technical interviews for this company. They just keep technical rounds for the namesake. This is the only company where people will get rejected after 2 Technical and 2HR rounds. (in my case 5 rounds)

Ok, I will come to my experience.

It went on my machine learning projects and in the middle, he asked some basic java questions like explain the steps a thread will undergo, the example of unchecked exceptions etc..It went nearly from 35-45 min. Immediately I was called for next Technical Round

In this round, he asked a detailed explanation of each and every project some basic questions from Communications(Electronics core) in the last 5 min. He was very much satisfied with my projects. This round nearly took 1hr. Immediately I was called for next HR Round. (Based on the previous interview experiences in Geeks for Geeks, I thought that I may be selected for Acer Profile since I have cleared two Technical rounds with good performance)

Till now I enjoyed the process and later I realised that these rounds are useless and from here the actual hiring process started.

In this round, I faced a very new type of questions like Tell me about your friends. Suddenly I didn’t understand what I should answer about friends. But somehow I managed this round and interestingly this round also took nearly 30min the highest ever HR round for me. After this round, I was said that there will be a talk with one more HR

They said it was a talk but it also went like an HR Round and nearly took 30min. After this round, I have waited for a long time nearly 3hrs. Again called for one more round which can’t be named (feel it as a stress round)

In this round, there are questions like STRESS situations, HR questions and questions related to Java(Threads). He literally checked my patience and make me feel more uncomfortable which was also done without any issues. After completing the interview, he just gave a simple smile and said, these all were the part of an interview and don’t take anything as serious. This interview experience spoiled one more day.

After these 5 rounds, they simply said you are rejected and the reason they said was I am not maintaining eye contact and having a low voice during the interview. So later I realized that to check all these qualities they need to interview 5 rounds each of nearly 45min.

NOTE: If you are Training and Placement coordinator then surely the selection percentage chances are maximum and no need to take any stress provided a good background on ML or even good technical skills other than ML. (from the past experiences which I have faced too)

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Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2018
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