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HSBC On campus (For Strikers and Acers)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2021
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Round 1: This was a coding + mcqs test on Cocubes platform. 90 mins Mcqs section was divided into 3 parts, Computer science related, Aptitude, Data Interpretation and logic based, and third section was verbal(English related ) . 

Then there was a 30 min coding round. 
question 1: values are as A-1, B-10, C-100, D-1000, E-10000. Given a string find out the total sum of all the numbers. 
eg. DDBC. Answer is 1000+1000+10+100 = 2110. 

question 2: 

25 guys were shortlisted. 7 girls were also shortlisted from other womens college out of which 2 got Strikers profile. From our college 2 guys got selected one got Acer’s profile other got Strikers profile. 

Round 2:Technical round. 
Everything was asked on Resume and projects. I had my internship at Morgan Stanley so most of the time was spent here. I even saw my technical feedback after the round which was marked good in all the rows. 

Round 3:HR round. 
I was disappointed as that meant I will get Strikers profile only even though I had told ML, Data Science, Cloud computing, Blockchain, etc in ‘tell me about yourself question’. Then I was asked again about generic HR questions, what does your father do, how u come to college(train, bus, taxi) etc. Why HSBC, most difficult situation faced in life, biggest achievement, willing to relocate etc. Gave me a situation where manager/project partner takes all the credits of your work then what will you do. 

Round 4:HR round 2. 
I was first excited maybe this is my second technical but I was again called for HR. They were judging me on my likes, weaknesses, strength, etc. I think I said I am naive, innocent, honest, non-political and in weaknesses I said I fumble a bit in time pressure and to overcome that I am doing meditation, etc. I can easily identify if someone is taking advantage of me but can’t directly contradict him (as in the scene with manager takes away all the credits). Got rejected. 

I dont know why I was rejected as HR was reluctant to tell me anything. I feel maybe because I was less political and too honest. But my nature and attitude were the first place y I got into Morgan Stanley for internship. So it all depends on your luck and don’t worry even if you get rejected. Everything happens for the best. Good luck to all…

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