HSBC Interview Experience


Round 1: (Online Coding)

There were 2 coding questions. It took place in our college on cocubes. The questions that I got were:

Q1. Given a String evaluate its score. Simple conditions were given in the question like add 10 if char is A etc.

Q2. Given a number find all its prime factorization and then evaluate the number according to a given array.

For example Input: n=25, arr=[1, 2, 3, 2, 5, 6]

Output: As prime factorization of 25 is 5*5 = 5^2.So the output should be 2*arr[5] i.e. power*arr[prime factor] which would be 12

I passed basic test cases for both the problems. But for shortlisting to the second round only 1 question was enough to go to the next round.

Round 2: SJT

It was a behavioural round, in this round you were provided with a situation and 4 options and you have choose the most effective solution and the least effective solution. There was no time limit. I practised for this round here:

Round 3: Technical Interview

  1. How was your day?
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. What was your role in the project that I mentioned?
  4. Explain the working of your project.
  5. He had the printouts of the code that I submitted in the online coding round he asked me to explain the code
  6. Difference between c and c++?
  7. What is OOP?
  8. Explain polymorphism.
  9. He asked me about how good I am in DS and algo. Following this question, he asked me a coding question. You are provided with numbers in range 1- 100 and only of the number is missing. Find the number.
  10. How will you explain to your parents what is AI
  11. Do you have knowledge of ML?

Round 4: HR

  1. Preferred location.
  2. What offers you already hold?
  3. Why HSBC over the other offers ?

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