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HSBC Interview Experience for TSE | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 03 Feb, 2021

The whole recruitment process of HSBC consisted of 4 rounds in total for the role of Trainee Software Engineer.

Round 1: Written Assessment :

  • The online written assessment consisted of 2 sections, first was the MCQ round and the other was coding round. Students who cleared MCQ round were eligible for coding round.
  • MCQ round consisted of questions from different sections majorly Logical reasoning, English and Computer fundamental or technical section. The technical section consisted questions from all the basic subjects like C++, DBMS, Java, OS etc.
  • Time limit was 75 min for 70 questions.
  • Coding round consisted of 2 codes. In my case both were easy.
  • First question was a Sum or difference problem in which we had to find the nth term of a given series following some basic rules.
  • In second question we were required to calculate contiguous ones in a binary string and return the length of the same.
  • Time limit was 30 min for both and students who could run only one code were also shortlisted.
  • After round one 71 students were shortlisted and i was one of them.

Round 2: Personality assessment :

This round was a small online round which consisted of very basic Mcq questions about our personality, there was no time limit in this round and after this 66 students including me were selected for interview rounds.

Round 3: Technical interview :

My technical interview lasted for around 40-45 minutes.

1. First question was tell me about yourself and a brief about your computer skills.

2. Next he asked me about my project, my role in it , its future scope and the methodology used.

3. Then he asked me about my academic seminar.

4. Difference between C,C++ and python as python was mentioned in my resume.

5. Concept of encapsulation and inheritance, real life example of inheritance.

6. Questions on linked list like what is the diff between array and linked list ,where traversal will be easier.

7. Difference in implementing linked list through C and C++ and a few more general questions on linked list.

8. Types of joins in SQL, what is self join?

9.  Concept of Machine Learning like types of learning, Precision, Recall, true positive, false negative etc.  (ML was mentioned in my resume.)

10.ALgorithmns of ML like Linear regression, Logistic regression. 

11.At last he asked ‘Do you have any questions’?  

This is a good opportunity to show your interest towards the company.

I was able to answer most of the questions and around 25-27 students out of 66 were selected for HR round.

Round 4: HR interview :

Basic questions were asked in this round and it lasted for around 15-20 minutes.

1. Firstly he asked me about the computer languages I have knowledge of.

2. Then he asked me my current cgpa.

3. Location preference between Pune and Hyderabad.

4. Where do u see yourself in 3 years?

5. How do you align with the values of HSBC?

6. Future plans of higher studies.

7. How keen are you to join HSBC?

After the HR round we had to wait a little and next day the results were announced and i was selected.

Total 16 students were finally selected including me.


Areas focused were C++, Data structures.

You should have little knowledge of the trending technologies .


1. Be thorough with all the concepts and answer confidently.

2.Do not mention anything in your resume which you haven’t learned.

3.Always study about the company and job description before going for interview.

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