HSBC Interview Experience for Trainee Software Engineer

Round 1:Cocubes Coding Round

There were 2 questions of 2 and 3 marks. I don’t remember the questions but they were quite easy. The time duration was 30 minutes.

Round 2: Situational Judgement Test

This test didn’t have any time limit but it was advised to complete the test in 20 minutes. There were 16 Situation based questions related to the problems or the scenarios you might encounter in an organization and given a list of tasks how would be prioritize them.

Round 3: Technical Round

The technical round lasted for 20-25 minutes. The interviewer first asked to introduce yourself and then showed one of the coding questions that were given in the coding round of Cocubes and asked me to explain my code. After that he asked to write the code for nth Fibonacci number which I gave easily.

After that I was asked about my projects in depth as to what happened and what problems I faced while doing it. The most important question is that what is the relevance of your projects or the skills that you have in banking. I was expecting such a question therefore, I answered it satisfactorily.

Later talking about datasets used in the project, the topic shifted to cryptography and network security as to how can we ensure that our confidential data is secure while transmission to which I responded with various cryptography techniques like Public key cryptosystem, private key cryptosystem and hash functions giving examples of AES and DES.

Later he asked me about SSL encryption. I gave him a brief definition of it and that was it.


Later I was told that I am not selected for the HR round and I still don’t know where I went wrong in the interview as according to me it went perfectly well.

Hope this helps.

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