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HP R&D Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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Round 1:

Online test. There were 3 sections
1) Aptitude : 20 Questions in 30 minutes. Level was moderate but needs good practice to even solve 12-15 in 30 mins. No negative marking. Choosing questions to solve is the key here.
Indiabix is good for refreshing your basics.

2) Technical : 22 questions in 30 Mins. Computer Science typical questions basics from CN,OS,DS and Algorithms, DBMS .C /C++ output questions. Easy level.

3) OOP concept test: 8 questions in 15 minutes. Needs to choose either C++ or Java. Easy and typical
Indiabix and Geeksforgeeks are good source to revise.

I cleared this round.
More you score here, better the chances for you. They might make list of interviewees based on marks you get on 1st round.Though it is not official.

Round 2 (Technical Interview) : 30 Mins

He went through my CV thoroughly and started with a project.
We had discussion on my project. Then he asked my favorite subjects.
Few questions about processes and thread, System calls etc.
Then few questions on linked list,few functions.
Optimizing the code and correctness of function.

Round 3(Technical Interview) : 1 hour

Started with projects (Different than already discussed projects), some projects discussions for few few minutes
and then he asked about UMLs. I said I am not very good at Software Engineering Concepts .
He then switched to OOPs ,asked which language I chose for test. C++ Classes, constructors and typical C++ questions.

He made me write data structure program as classes and all ADT functions as member functions. He then asked DBMS questions,given a relations, table decomposition, Normal forms etc.

Round 4 (Technical interview) : 1 hours

All others ,except me, had two rounds of technical.No idea why.
Started discussion with projects (Different than already discussed projects), and rigorous discussion on it.
Computer networking, All application layer protocols, and questions were more inclined towarsd practical applications.
Web services,DNS,How a website request works, How to block website on computers(Linux and Windows) etc. Prepare computer network with practical perspective,if you are doing it.
Then switched to Python as I mentioned it in resume.
long discussion on python. All fundamentals, programming tricks etc.Most were inclined towards Lists and Dictionaries.

After waiting 2-3 hours, we were given an employment form to fill in. NOT OFFER letter,only employment form. HR round was still pending.

Round 5 : HR(15-20 mins)

More of a discussion round than QA round.All of below questions were more of discussion.
Why did you make this mistake twice, Master degree after bachelor degree? 😛 😀
What the most challenging situation you have been into?
Why engineering and that too, particular CSE?
Why HP R&D?

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Last Updated : 11 Sep, 2015
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