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HP Interview Experience | Internship

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  • Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2020

Round 1:The HP  online test( for Internship role)was conducted in our university on 4th October, 2019.The first round was an online test consisting of a total of  50 questions from aptitude, logical reasoning, c, c++, Java programming MCQs.The time duration for the test was 75 minutes.Around 250 students attended the online test out of which 122 students were shortlisted for the technical interview.

Round 2:After the online test was conducted, the results of the online test were released after few days and 3 rounds of interview namely, technical interview, managerial interview and HR interview were conducted on 21st of October, 2019.The interviews went whole the day from the afternoon at 12pm starting with Preplacement Talk.I was called first for the interview.The technical interview went for around half an hour starting with my project.I was asked to describe the problem statement for my project.

I was also  asked to write java  code snippets from my project.

I was given 6 minutes time to code.As my project was from Cryptography, I was asked about SHA-algorithms.I was asked to write code snippets in java like to swap two strings without using a 3rd variable, and OOPS in java,

finding missing characters from a string of alphabets(for example if given string is:”abcdefghjklmnopqstuvwxyz”)(to find i, r from this string), about static variables in java, adding 2 numbers without using ‘+’ operator(it can be done using exit  method in java).The interviewer made a note of the score  of my performance like programming-6/10, communication-7/10, project-7/10.After that from 122 students around 60  students were selected for the managerial interview and I was one of them.

Round 3: Third round was a managerial interview which went around for 15 to 20 minutes.The interviewer was from Tamilnadu so I was comfortable in conversing  in Tamil with him.I was some what feeling nervous so he stood up from his chair and came to me and put a pat on my shoulder and told me to relax.He asked about my ambitions, long term aspirations.I answered him by telling that my ambitions are to work in an organization where I can utilize my skills  for the growth of the organization, and to serve my Parents and the society.He got impressed by seeing my 10th marks and 12th marks and he gave a  good comment that I had scored good marks.He asked me if I had any questions for him.I asked him how would a typical day in working at HP look like.He answered by telling  that I would be shifted to Bangalore if I am offered and there would be continuous learning everyday, contacts with clients.After that from 50 students around  40 to 50  students were selected for the HR interview and I was one of them.

The last interview was the HR interview.It went around for 15 to 20 minutes.He asked me why I was nervous.The first question from the HR manager was why I chose Sastra instead of any local engineering colleges from my Hometown.I told him that if I had chosen

any local college then there would not good mingling with friends, seniors and I would not have learnt many new things.I would not have learnt what actually life is.The next question was what was bold decision that I took in my life.Next he asked about my family.He asked my I had been offered by any other companies.He asked my why I chose and attended HP’s interview process.At last  the interview was over and he told me that the results of the interview process would be declared in a few days.after 3 to 4 days results were declared and I was not offered by HP.


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