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Hp Inc. Interview Experience for Software Engineer Firmware
  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2020

It was a 2020 virtual interview the entire process took over a month and it consisted of 4 Rounds.

First Round: It was an online test that consisted of 3 sections, Aptitude, Technical, and Oops. The first two sections had 30 minutes of the time period with 20 questions each and the last section had 6 questions with 15 minutes. In aptitude quants and logical reasoning were asked. In technical questions related to C Data structures, operating systems, and computer networks were asked. In OOPS constructors, Destructors, virtual functions, and questions on output for code snippets were asked.

Second Round(Technical): They asked questions related to C, C++, Data structures, OS, and computer networks. They Focused more on memory management, process synchronization, program memory layout, and storage specifiers.

Some questions asked were.

  1. What is volatile storage specifier where is it used?
  2. Explain the program memory layout?
  3. How are vectors internally implemented in STL?
  4. What are pure virtual functions?
  5. Construct a class in CPP such that you will get an error when the object is created statically but not when created dynamically.
  6. Write a program to check for cycle detection in a linked list?

The interview took over 1 hour. After this, I was called for a managerial interview one week later.

Third Round(Managerial\Technical): Here they asked me questions about my family members their occupation, He also asked me about my hometown and its festivals. I am from Mysuru and it was the Dasara season so he asked me about it. Coming to technical he asked me questions about microcontrollers, microprocessors. Embedded systems and RTOS. He also asked me about my internship and projects.

Some questions asked were. 

  1. What is the difference between RISC and CISC?
  2. Big Endian and Little-endian. And a program to convert from one other?
  3. Questions about scheduling in RTOS?
  4. Linkers and loaders?
  5. Do you have plans for higher education?
  6. What is your weakness?

Fourth Round(HR): It was a call interview, and they asked me typical questions like tell me about yourself, Why HP, etc. and they asked me about the feedback of how the interviews went, and then they talked about compensation. They told me that ill get my results within a week.

Later that week I received an offer from HP Inc 

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