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How Working Professionals can Utilize this WFH Time Effectively?

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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Amidst this nationwide lockdown, companies are having a tough time (whether it be a startup or an MNC) and dealing with a lot of challenges. However, companies are trying to compensate for their interrupted workflow through the Work From Home process. Indeed Work From Home or remote working process is not something new for employees but due to the sudden implication of this action and that too for an uncertain period, it becomes quite daunting for the employees to organize the things efficiently. Needless to say that employees are concerned about how to maintain productivity in the remote working process and make this time more worthwhile.  


Meanwhile, the work from home process offers you many benefits such as you can work from your couch or sofa and there is no need to wear formals as well but the remote working requires a little more dedication and smart strategies from your side to make it worthy and successful. You are required to maintain the boundaries between your personal and professional lives for better results. Here, in this article, we will let you know how the employees can utilize their Work From Home time efficiently to make it more productive.

1. Plan Your Day


This is the first and foremost task you need to do i.e., get your day well-planned and organized. You have to break up your day as when you are required to do office work, when will you do your personal work and so on. Meanwhile, you can use a day planner or to-do-list to note down all the things that need to get done on a particular day. Do prioritize your tasks to make the most of this time and to increase productivity. Moreover, dedicate time for fun activities such as social media, video games, etc. as well but don’t forget to set the boundaries and time limit accordingly. Indeed adjusting to work from home and maintain a schedule in accordance with it is not so easy but you must keep in mind that you must need to organize your day properly to utilize this period effectively.

2. Upgrade Your Skills


In this lockdown period when you’re stuck at home and can’t go anywhere (sad but true!) then why don’t you use this time to learn the new skills and upgrade yourself. Yes, apart from work from the home process, you can work on developing various other skills as well that can help you to achieve your career goals. Meanwhile, you can learn a new Programming Language (Python, Java, C, etc.) or Data Structures Concepts or a trending technology (Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.) or any other relevant skill from various online platforms. You can find various online courses, tutorials, webinars, etc. to help you out in this process. You can learn the skills that can have a direct impact on your current job role and those skills as well that may not be immediately helpful but can help you in the long term goals. So, consider using this home-bound time to learn something new in perspective with your career.  

3. Work On Your Ideas


Try to remember how many times you have delayed working on your ideas or project just because of the shortage of time. Now, this is the time you can do all those kinds of stuff and make the most out of it. You are recommended to use the time (that you previously consumed in commuting to the office, in some outdoor trips, etc.) to focus on completing your long term goals whether it be any startup idea or building a project or anything else. Meanwhile, you should plan all the things in a sorted way & take the actions accordingly, and yes, do not try to get involved in so many projects or tasks as it may not offer you the required results and even can decrease your productivity rate as well.

4. Grow Your Professional Network


Although in this lockdown period, you can’t reach out to the people physically but due to technological advancements, you can still connect to anyone virtually across the world. You can use various digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Bark, Meetup, etc. to connect with the people and grow your professional network. When you have a large network of working professionals, it not only helps you to get various career opportunities but also keeps you updated with the latest industry trends, researches, stats, etc.  Meanwhile, you have to keep in mind about the authenticity of the other person while connecting with a person virtually and must ensure that the person is worthwhile and influential as per the profession. Needless to say, get in touch with your created network regularly and also after the lockdown tenure.

5. Be Prepared for New Opportunities


As this pandemic situation has hit the workflow of almost every organization, there are chances of layoffs, salary cuts, no appraisals, etc. in the coming days. Hence, you must lookout for the new opportunities and prepare yourself to grab these as well to fight against such situations. Although, looking out for the opportunities doesn’t mean to leave your current job but it simply means to be aware of the stats regarding the job and employment rate and keep an eye on relevant and better opportunities relevant to your skills. As several big tech companies are still offering recruitment, you can utilize this time to prepare yourself for the interview of these IT giants. This is time for you to take a step ahead and prepare yourself for the upcoming situation and opportunities.

From the above-mentioned points, you must have known now that you need to learn new skills and upgrade yourself to utilize this WFH time effectively. You can opt for “Complete Interview Preparation – Self Paced
to prepare yourself for various product-based companies. The course offers you various MCQs & Coding questions that are likely to be asked in the interviews and many other features as well.

So, as you have entered in the WFH scenario, now accept it with a positive mindset and utilize the time by balancing both – the organization’s workflow and your own career goals. And, above all these, do not forget to follow a healthy and safe routine!!

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