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How VPN is used in the corporate world?

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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VPN generally Stands for Virtual Private network. Its job is to ensure the safe delivery of data across public networks. By doing this, it allows users to send data as if they were connected directly to the private network. Private WAN technology is available however they come at a price. Internet VPNs however only require a very affordable internet connection. A VPN is often described as a tunnel in which data is encrypted before it passes through the public internet. This way, if Hackers do get their hands on your data, they can’t make any sense of it. Once your data is received, it is then decrypted using a special key so it can be read.

Types of VPN:

There are basically two types of VPN

  • Remote Access VPN: Remote Access VPN allows a user to connect a private network and access its services remotely. It is basically used by Home users and private users to bypass regional restrictions  on the internet and access blocked websites

Remote Access VPN

  • Site To Site VPN: This type of VPN is also called Router-to-Router VPN and is mostly used incorporates. In this VPN one router acts as a VPN client and another router as VPN Server. In this way, they form a Site-to-Site connection between two computers/servers.

Site to Site VPN

Site-To-Site VPN are further divided into two types

  • Intranet-based VPN: When multiple offices of the same company are connected using Site-to-Site VPN then it is called Intranet-based VPN
  • Extranet Based VPN: When companies use Site-to-Site VPN type to connect to the office of another company then it is called Extranet Based VPN

What is a corporate VPN?

The less Security on Remote VPN urges corporate Companies to move more secure VPN which is a Corporate VPN. Corporate VPN is basically the Site-To-Site VPN that is used by organizations. It is used to provide their employees secure end-to-end encryption to access the corporate network whether it is on-premises or on the cloud. 

How is corporate VPN different from consumer VPN?

Generally, the requirements incorporate world is different from consumer. Consumer basically uses the VPN to have privacy over the public network and to access geographically blocked websites whereas in the corporate world privacy protection and security are a major concern for using VPN’s. They also used VPN to have more level of control and for increasing productivity.

Most of the times companies instead of using a server provided by a VPN provider they use their own server so that have complete control over the security, operations, and usability. Corporate VPN gets connected with the help of a secure tunnel so there is no need for network setup for each end client used to access the target network. These types of VPNs are implemented using IPsec Technology and allows multiple user traffic to flow through each VPN tunnel hence it performs better than consumer VPN.

How does the corporate world use VPN?

  • The use of the internet is increasing dramatically due to which cyberattacks are also increasing. In 2020 nearly 1.16 million cyberattacks were reported which is three times as compared to 2019 and more than 20 times when compared to 2016.  Incorporate world, data is most important hence it needed to be protected either companies can set up their own private network (WAN)but it becomes too costly not all companies can afford it as a result companies are using VPN to protect their data and enhanced security.
  • Nowadays IT corporate companies continue to migrate to the cloud due to which cyberattacks are also evolving. Thus, VPN becomes an effective way of protecting data, apps of corporate companies by restricting access from unauthorized sources. This can be done by allowing access to cloud data to a predetermined IP addresses. Hence people from unauthorized IP addresses can’t access it.
  • Another reason due to which companies are using VPN as it allows you to access a Restricted website. There are many websites that are banned in a particular area or country but with the help of VPN IP dedicated servers.
  • VPN also helps in increasing the Productivity of companies for example if an employee is traveling and due to some emergency he/she has to switch to work mode no matter where they are. So they were forced to used personal networks or public networks which can be a threat to company data. Hence secure corporate VPN allows remote employees to access the corporate network.

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