How to win a Coding Contest?

You want to win a coding competition. Most probably you are either doing it because you love coding or you want a carrier in the field of Computer Science. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Pick up a language of your choice (C++ or Java is recommended for the beginners) and master the basic syntax.

Step 2: After learning the basics, concentrate on Data Structures and Algorithms. There are numerous courses available everywhere. GeeksforGeeks is itself a very good platform for learning this.

Step 3: Practice questions on GeeksforGeeks Practice, Hackerrank, or similar other coding platform such as Codechef, Hackerearth, LeetCode.

Step 4: Take part in different coding challenges and competitions and practice, practice and practice.

Do not look at the solution after the first try. Try it many times. After many failures keep the problem aside and again try it after some days at last if you could not succeed in any case then look at the solution. This increases your problem-solving capacity which helps you at the time of Contests. Never mind your failures but always analyze the reason behind it so that you succeed next time. And at last practice a lot.

Follow this step if you want to be developer

If you want to be a developer then after learning the basics, you have to start contributing to the open source organizations. This will increase our problem-solving capacity in the real world. If you are still a student then participate in GSOC(Google Summer of Code) and BOSS(Bountiful Open Source Software)


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