How to update Node.js and NPM to next version ?

Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript environment that can be used for server-side scripting. Due to its non-blocking workflow, Node.js is popular among the web developers for building a dynamic web application. Node Package Manager also known as npm is the package manager for Node.js. It also serves as a command-line utility for interacting with the npm online repository for package installation, version management, and dependency management. It is important to have Node.js installed in order to use npm. Also, working with updated versions of Node.js and npm ensures better performance and added features.
Follow the link to download and install Node.js: Download Node.js

Update Node.js to the latest stable version: Node.js can be updated from the official Node.js website as well as through the command line using Node Version Manager(nvm). nvm was originally developed for Linux systems, however nvm can be installed separately for Windows system by the following steps:

  1. Go to this site
  2. Install and unzip the file
  3. From cmd type nvm -v to ensure nvm is installed.

After installing nvm, the following can be done to update Node.js to the latest version:

nvm install <version>

Check the list of available Node.js version in the system using the following command:

nvm list 

To use the desired version, use the following command:

nvm use <version>

Update npm: To update NPM, use the following command:

npm install -g npm


Below is a demonstration for updating Node.js and npm versions for Linux systems.
Install nvm in Linux:

# curl -o- | bash
# wget -qO- | bash

Check if nvm is installed successfully

Open a new terminal
nvm -v

To install latest version of node, use the following command.

# nvm install node
# nvm install -lts
# nvm install 

Check all the available version of node on the system:

# nvm ls

Use a particular version

# nvm use 

Update npm to latest version:

# npm install -g npm 


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