How to Test Internet on Linux Using speedtest-cli?

While troubleshooting your system for slow internet access, the best way to figure is to measure the internet speed first. To check Internet speed on Linux we will be using third party tool speedtest_cli. It is a simple command-line client based on python for measuring internet bandwidth using infrastructure. 

Test Download/Upload speed in Linux: You can use this command to test the download and upload speed from the Linux command line, it is a one-time usage command: 

wget -O - | python

download and upload speed from the Linux command line

Install Speedtest_cli: The above command was a one-time use command, so every time you want to test you need to put a long command in. So you can Install the speedtest_cli in your system using these commands: 

chmod a+rx
sudo mv /usr/local/bin/speedtest
sudo chown root:root /usr/local/bin/speedtest


Install Speedtest_cli

Once the installation is done you can simply type “speedtest in the terminal and your results will be there 

Internet Speed Test Using speedtest-cli in Linux

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