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How to Submit Your Website on Bing Webmaster Tools ?

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Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft, It was elderly known as MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. It provides various options for searching like Google. For example Maps, Video, Image, Text, and more.

As of October 2018, Bing is the third largest search engine globally after Google and Baidu. In the third quarter of 1998, Microsoft launched a search engine called MSN Search and replaces the default search engine of Internet Explorer in place of Google. At that time, It was launched with a search engine index and a web crawler and the search results provided by Bing were the contributions of Inktomi Inc. By the time, It has got many improvements in its algorithm for searching.

For Image Search, It has a collaboration with a third-party service Picsearch. Now, with the help of tons of improvement, It is the second-largest search engine across the world. 

As a web developer or owner, you would be knowing how important is a search engine for a website. We have already covered an article on how to submit your website to the google search console, and in this article, we will discover how to submit a website to the Bing Webmaster Tools. 

Step 1: Go to Bing webmaster tools, and sign in there with help of Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Account

Step 2: Here on the new page, you will have two options one is to import the Website from Google Search Console and another is to add the website manually.

Step 3: We will select the manual option, just type the URL of your web and click on Add. 

Step 4: Now, here select the third option for verification which is by a CNAME Record, and Go to your DNS Provider.

Tip: In our case the DNS Provider is Godaddy, You can go to your DNS provider also if you have changed the nameserver of your domain and added it to some other DNS provider for managing it properly then you should go there.

Step 5: After going to Godaddy sign in there, and click on manage products and click on three dots there.

Step 6: Here you will find many DNS records, click on add new and select the type as CNAME. Also, type the values in the host field (Unique Code) and points to (, and lastly click on add.

Step 7: Now wait for few minutes because DNS changes may take few minutes to reflect and lastly click on verify at the Bing webmaster tools.

Now, your site is verified for the Bing Webmasters, Bing Bot will visit your website in few days and after that, your site will be indexed in the Bing search. Also, you will see the dashboard of Bing webmaster after this, where you can manage your search preference and all the other related stuff for Bing webmaster tools.

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Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2021
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