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How to Store and Extract XML Documents from Databases

  • Last Updated : 10 Jun, 2020

We can used different apporache, for organizing the contents of XML document to facilitate their subsequent querying and retrieval.

This are the following approaches, for storing and extracting XML document from database.

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  1. In the first approach, we can use database management system in which we store the document as a text and the relational and object DBMS are used to store XML whole document as a text field in the DBMS record and object. In this process, we can use document processing for Database management system as a special module and its store schemaless and document-centric XML document.

  2. In the second approach again we use Database Management System but this time we can use for storing document content as data element .this process follows XML or XML DTD schema and all the document have the same structure in which we can design a relational object database to store the leaf-level data element in the XML document. For this, we required a mapping algorithm to design a schema for a database that is compatible with XML document structure.

    It is generally used for recreating XML document from the store data which is specified for XML or DTD schema. This can help to implement internal Data Base Management system module or middleware which is not part of the Database Management system.

  3. In the third approach, we can use different type Database management system which is based on a hierarchical(tree) model for designed and implemented and designing a master system for storing native XML data. This system is also called as native XML DBMS and In this process, the system may involve indexing and querying techniques which is work for all types of an XML document.

    It may include data compression technique which is highly used for reducing the size of the document for storage. There is various software which offers native XML storage option like Tamino software AG or Excelon for dynamic application platform offers native XML DBMS capability and oracle also offer native XML storage option.

  4. In the fourth approach, we can create and customized XML document and publishing from pre-existing relational database Because relational database already stored huge amount of data which is a part of data in which we need to formatted data as a document for displaying into the web or exchanging.

    This process is used to divided the middleware software layer to adjust the conversion between an XML document and relational database.

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