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How to Stand Out as a Software Engineer in 2021

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  • Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2021
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Software Engineering is a complete domain in itself, and it is one of the most growing fields in the IT industry. As technology is growing so the demand for software engineers is huge. It is one of the evergreen fields in the IT industry and there are huge opportunities in this domain. Now, let’s discuss some tips to keep in mind to become ready for this domain-related job.

Basically, software engineering is a lucrative career choice in 2021. Coding is not just about writing a thousand and a thousand lines of code, but it is a transformation that makes you a problem solver in every situation of your life. With the boom of technologies like AI, ML the world is going in a different dimension. There are some niche technologies like IoT, Blockchain, etc., in which if you get expertise then your career would be on some different level. So keeping all these things in my I will try to explain some stuff related to software engineering so that you can leverage more and more.

Tips to Stand Out as a Software Engineer :
Here we will discuss some common tips to keep in mind while studying or preparing for software engineer jobs. Let’s discuss it one by one.

  • The ability to code is not enough –  
    You should be able to convey your ideas when you are working in a diverse environment, or you can say that in a team. Because only writing code is not enough, if you are unable to convey your ideas. You have to have a habit of writing clean and readable code which you can explain to others easily. You should also have some experience with pair programming which is a technique in which two programmers work together at one workstation.
  • Be a good team player – 
    First, you should give up your introverted nature. When you work in a team, you have to take challenges and pitch your ideas to a team which is a group of people. So if you are not comfortable around others, it would be very difficult for you to survive in that environment. So don’t give up and be always ready ta take challenges.
  • Be innovative – 
    If you can be creative and innovative at the same time with your work, that would be good for you in the long run. If you can come up with a new solution to different problems then you are already quite ahead of your peers. Although you can always look up to people for new and innovative ideas.
  • Try to deliver the results – 
    Try to deliver your product as the user needs. Think from the user’s perspective and his needs while writing your code. Your code should reflect what the user desires. If you can suggest your own innovative ideas that would also be good rather than someone who just does the work for sake of duty. 
  • Keep updating yourself with new programming languages and framework –
    As technology is growing, the software engineering field is also growing with new technologies and creating huge opportunities for software engineers for various roles and functionalities. With the low cost of the internet in India, everyone has smartphones, so you can say that for the last 5 years the number of users has increased so the demands of IT professionals have also increased. So if you want to stand out of the crowd, it is high time, you should pull your socks up. You should keep yourself updated all the time if you want to survive. For this, you can read books and blogs about new technologies and learn from others who have experience.
  • Explore different areas of technology development – 
    If you are an expert on a niche technology that is good but at the same time, you should also keep this thing in your mind that you don’t focus too much on just one technology rather you should dive deeper into different domains.
  • Try to attend webinars and conferences – 
    Webinars and conferences are the best way to keep updating with new technologies and following the best practices in software engineering. You can attend Webinars and conferences at your own pace. Webinars and conferences are the best way to get an insight into what is currently going on in the industry because these are the places where you can see the actual work related to that technology and can find enough relevant information to learn. 

Conclusion : 
To become a software engineer in 2021, you need to be a good team player who can communicate well and get things done without supervision.

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