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How to Spruce Up Mobile Application?

  • Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2021

In this modern era, the use of apps is everywhere from healthcare to agriculture, education to music, food delivery to material buying, etc. Today’s world is incomplete without mobile apps. So as this technology is at the boom, so most people try to learn this technology i.e how to create apps, and they will learn it easily with very little difficulty. But the main difficulty occurs when we publish our app didn’t spruce up. Everyday apps are submitted to the Play Store or the Apps store on a large scale. Although more than half of them are rejected or didn’t become popular even among less number of people. The main problem is that why these apps are not spruced up or failed because of their poor design or other minor but important rules. So in this article, we will discuss how we will Spruce Up Our Mobile Application.

1. Focus on Interactive Design

The design of your app is the major part that grabs more audience. Here the rule “First Impression is the Last Impression” works. If the User Interface of your app is not good, it may be possible that the engagement of People toward your app will fail. Also, if one’s app is really solving the major problem but having poor design will lead to a very less number of downloads. So, therefore the interactive design is important in order to please the end-user.

2. Goal-Driven Design

While solving a problem through app development one thing we have to take care of is the design that we are creating must be having Goal-Driven Design. It means without knowing the target audience who will use this application, one can’t possibly design the application. We must know the audience like it is for Children, Adults, Technical Persons, or for Common Persons. Example: If we are designing the app for Kids so must take care of the design and design it accordingly like adding attractive Images instead of using woks, make it simple so that kids will interact easily.

3. Desirability

The app’s interface will be usable or desirable enough. If one’s app design is not desirable, users won’t use it. One’s app must be accessible and usable enough not for Technical but also for Novice persons. Also, the design of our app is designed in such a way that it is not only easy to use but also creative enough so that the target audience will not bore from it. Example: In a simple Job search app, it would be expected that a user will sort out the job tags according to their specifications. So this feature will enhance the performance of it and users will extract desirable or useful out of the pool of data present on that app.

4. Function Familiarity

The application that we are creating is suitable enough that every person didn’t face any difficulty regarding the functionality of it. Simply it would be user-friendly and users will know after clicking this button or widget where they will reach etc. Example: In Social Media Apps, a novice user will easily understand how to upload photos, how to like or comment, and how to message. Also in tagging to someone a novice user will not use it because of nonfamiliarity with this functionality.  

5. Response to user

The app should be designed in such a way that the app will respond to the user if he is doing incorrect action or missed something etc. Example: While filling data, the user will fill in his phone number for creating an account exceed the length, so this app should be smart enough to respond. This same occurs while setting up passwords, the app will efficiently respond in case of the week or strong password. Also, When someone messages us, we get notifications which is also a good example of App response to users. 

6. Color Selection

While designing the app, our app should not only user-friendly or effective but also its success is depending upon the Color we choose. The app designer will follow Color trends in order to get maximum efficiency. Lets’ discuss some color with predefined meanings :

  • Red Color Simply implies to Call to Action, or it is also used where some cases are impulsive.
  • The yellow color implies optimism and delight.
  • Green color associate with Nature and Environment. Also, green color also associated with Money or wealth.
  • Orange represents excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Blue Color determines Security and Prosperity.

In various play store’s, users will download the unknown app on the basis of the first appearance of the Icon of the app. The type of color for the Icon of App will depend upon what type of service we are providing to users. So the color of our Application icon and used in the User Interface really spruce up Mobile Application.

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